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    Shift To Shift Handover Report

    Blog Posts

    Task Items

    • Hector Alarcon Create a confluence page for the AO's Vacation managing. It should include the conditions governing approval, periods for presenting holiday intentions, and how to resolve conflicts of coverage. And of course either a calendar or spreadsheet to show the group vacations schedule.
    • Emilio Barrios To look the way to formalize 08:15 tickets reading by the coordinator under the RTO context
    • Emilio Barrios AI: Look after coverage measurements when Morning shift AO should take the bus to the airport early than 13:45. Up to now measurement is to ask the Managers coverage or the Morning_2 AO just arriving to the OSF to start her(is) shift maximunm 1/2h early. Worse case when no managers niether other AO at the OSF. Options could be:
      • take a late fly + over time + special transport to the airport
      • get coverage from the SCO CRE 
    • Hector Alarcon  AI: Prepare a confluence 24 hrs Shifts handover Report Template. It should include:
      • Night-to-Morning news
      • Morning-to-Afternoon or Morning-to-Evening news
      • 17:00 Coordination meeting agrements and requirements 
      • Departing time-schedule last minute change  
      • Evening-to-Night news 


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    Check Lists

    Protocols & Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)

    Handover Scripts Owner Comments AOG To avoid antennas drifts while doing FSR. I could happens that they reach the mechanic limits AOG Check no cryo compressors OFF ( this is not an alarm in the system )
    MountMode -c ADC To check/set mount either in simulation or real mode
    FullSystemRestart -d ADC ACS Systems shutdown or -a 'DVxx DAxx PMxx CMxx' -s
    AOG To check why antenna state is Degraded
    mountAxisToAutonomous -a 'DVxx DAxx PMxx CMxx' -s AOG For DAs also check TE Sync and enable/set Metrology mode
    steDailySetup -a 'DVxx DAxx PMxx CMxx' -s AOG To cross-check
    1. AN0/AW0 default setting
    2. To set CSV/DSO metrology mode non default values
    3. Melco Metrology Calibration
    4. AEM Tilmeters values = 0
    5. WVR in operational state
    6. ACDs on PARK0
    7. Validate weather station component to be real data readout
      (presure > 0 and around 500 and 700 hPA),
    8. Do the sciencedir projec21 update
    9. Run To check CLO devices status
    10. Run --on to reduce LS locking errors
    11. Run arrayTimeStatus
    AllAroundntpCompare -r lo-art-1 -l cob-cc ADC To check cob-cc time offset < 0.01
    llcLockMonitor ESG LLC and ML dedicated alarm panel -a <ArrayName> ESG To do the LLC PolCal -a 'DVnn DAnn PMnn CMnn' AOG To run antennas tilmeter measurements -s ; aemAcuStatusGUI,py -c ; -s ADE ASCII GUIs to M&C all mounts instead too many mountPanels
    TELCAL online consoles
    ASCII Antennas Status GUIs ( Faster than mountPanels ) -s Vertex All DVs antennas
    aemAcuStatusGUI,py --c AEM All DAs antennas -a <antennaName> AEM Old version, but, still used to get more detailed HVAC states -s ESG All CMs/PMs antennas -a <antennaName> ESG To check ADAM Utility module alarms status
    Control Panels
    Antenna_Control AOG Additional monitor and control for either antennas in Array or list.
    (See OMC Reloaded ICT-909) AOG To query Dashboard (REST API) and mach list results with CONTROL available antennas out of arrays to create new array type selecting PR and CorrType. (See OMC Reloaded ICT-642)
    Action on many Mounts -a 'DVxx DAxx PMxx CMxx' AOG -a 'DVxx DAxx PMxx CMxx' AOG AOG Used for the Alma inauguration as well as visitors to move antennas
    To Open Plots or Real Time Displays -a 'DV01 DV02 ... DA41 DA42 …' DMG BBpairs v/s AntennasNames -a <antennaName> DMG PWR for one antenna
    runAverageTotalPowerGui ADC ADC script to plot Total power time series
    Utils AOG Display all degraded/operational antennas in different formats AOG Methods lib used by other scripts ant1 ant2  ESG BEND script to LLC PolCal for antenna list
    beep AOG Useful when running scripts for long period of time as fro example -b 3 -f 4 ; beep
    obsMonitor<Parameter>.py <Paremeter> AOG SBEX/MMEX start/success/error sounds
    timeSync ADC ADC script to sync
    AllAroundntpCompare -l "gns gas abm-list" -r ADC ADC script to compare time ADC ACU reset via ABM channel 2 reset line
    MountRecover <antennaName> ADC ADC script AEM Usefull to get HVAC detailed status (F6 option) AEM Dump ACU error log ( ~ CBUF)
    FullAntennaRestart -a &ltantennaName> -r/p ADC ADC script to resuscitate an antenna
    setACUMetrology ADC ADC script to edit and set Vertex AN0/AW0 index on ACU configuration file. This is a workaround to avoid download failure from the TMCDB to the ACU. ADC ADC script to get the Vertex Metrology x/y tilt offsets
    setACUTilt ADC ADC script to set the Vertex Metrology x/y tilt offsets Melco To calibrate ACAs metrology ( useful after hardware work or power-cut )
    GetAuxPtModel ADC ADC script to get auxiliar pointing model values
    SetAuxPtModel ADC ADC script to set auxiliary pointing values
    GetPtModel ADC ADC script to get pointing model values
    SetPtModel ADC ADC script to set pointing model values ADC Get pedestal and cabin temps AOG To clear-up wrong ACD heat load setting error AOG ACD initialization AOG To retrieve FEND device status AMG FEND script to create a report for locking problems AMG BEND script to retrieve all the Alma Electronics status AOG To retrive IFProc status ESG BEND script to get PSUs temperature and shutdown temps limits and the cabin temp ESG BEND script to get PSUs revision ESG To retrieve PR status --on ESG BEND script to skip Power Detection flag AOG Main options are:
    --DRXOnly If True, it will do only a DRX reset
    --DTXOnly If True, it will do only a DTX reset
    --DGCKOnly If True, it will do only a DGCK reset and a DTX Reset
    --all If True, it will do a DGCK, DTX and DRX reset AOG AOG AOG AOG
    nukeDiskless -c ADC ADC script to power-cycle all the BL Correlator cob diskless computers NAOJ Move logs and re-sync COJ-CPNs computers w/o a power-cycle them.
    For ACA also check this tips (Takeshi's twiki) AOG ACA 4Q self test and power-cycle
    schedulingUpdateProject uid://XXX/xxxxx/xxxx ADC Script used to recover lost SBs(use master uid from ptracker)
    Mount and Alma Electronic devices recovery after power-cuts
    reportSoftwareDeployment -a <antennaName> ADC ADC script to get antenna devices detailed status
    AntennaShutdown -n <antennaName> ESG BEND script to power ON/OFF FEPS,PSD,PSA AOG To set in operational state all the antenna devices after powering-up FEPTS,PSD,PSA instead re-runnig more than once the FullAntennaRestart script -a 'DVxx DAxx CMxx PMxx' AOG To get CRYO compressor, pump and temperature status and values either by antenna or all of them
    Alarm Notification on CRCs consoles
    ... ... ...

    Documentation in Google Docs:  UPDATED
        Operator shell commands * ALMA Main Signal Flow in Short * ALMA Acronyms for Operators
    Antennas ongoing work status for operators * Antennas ongoing work status for operators (view only)
    Recommendations (draft) * How to edit these Google documents * Editing in Google Docs * AOS shared folder
      Checklists and Guide Lines:
        AOS ADE to SCI Handover * OSF ADE to SIST Handover * AOS/OSF Day-To-Day Coordination * SIST Documentation
    ACU Vertex * ACU Melco * ACU AEM
    Dashboard Guide Lines for Operators (DRAFT)
        OMC User Manual * STE User Manual * OMC Default Layout * Shift Log Tool
    BL Correlator * ACA Correlator
      Self Training Reference Documents:
        Check List Template * Symptoms&Solutions Table Template

      Key Summary Status for statistics Reporter Assignee Resolution Linked Issues

      Key Summary Status for statistics Reporter Assignee Resolution Linked Issues

      Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


      555 Reception

      6416  / +56 9 6227 1963

      First Aid 6400 Software 6775 / +56 9 7806 9042
      Firefighters 555 IT

      6434  / +56 9 8219 1645

      On Call Calendar SCO RCR

      6737 / 6738

      Go A.S.A.P. to the Official Alma Safety Procedures and Contacts page ...
      AOS/OSF Power Cut:

      In case of power-cut do follow AOG Power-Cut Recovery procedure
      Bad Weather:

      Do follow the  Weather Conditions under which the Antennas at the AOS shall be Shutdown and the Subsequent Restart Procedure  UPDATED.
      • Regarding the precipitation confirmation from the AOS, we should follow this basic communication protocol :

        When guards arrive to the AOS building, they should:Call us to establish the link as well as to check radio channelNotify us when they go out for the routine checks.

        At any moment you could call them to either 6491 or 6550 annex. In the case when it is a must to cross-check precipitation condition and nobody answer the phone, leave the antennas in survival and wait til somebody answer the question.

      What to do when windspeed shows the RED FLAG (> 20(m/s) and an observation is in progress
      1. On the scheduler do press the STOP SB button and wait till the end of the scan.
      2. Run [ -a <antennaList> ] ; without parameters will move all the antennas not in survival-stow position
      National Disaster

      In case of any catastrophic emergency (Earthquake, Volcanic activity, etc .. ect..) please we must call each other to the following personal phone and cell numbers. If e-mail, facebook, tweeter working, also broadcast your coordinates and health state as well as your needs. As there are no official protocols to formalize programmed decision like evacuation actions, priorities and transport ways (alma-bus, commercial bus, airplanes, Charter from San Pedro aerodrome, taxis) we must use the current experience to develop our own as a contribution to the new protocols to be defined in the near future.

      Team Member Home Cell Alma Office Alma Movility Alma Room
      Ludwig von Dossow (+56) (2) xxxx xxxx (+56) (9) 8521 5115 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 6668 (+56) (2) 2467 4055
      Christian Gonzalez (+56) (2) xxxx xxxx (+56) (9) 9714 3222 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 6642 (+56) (2) 2467 4056
      Jorge Morgado (+56) (2) xxxx xxxx (+56) (9) 6587 9300 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 xxxx (+56) (2) 2467 4056
      Daniela Soto (+56) (2) xxxx xxxx (+56) (9) 9164 2754 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 xxxx (+56) (2) 2467 4057
      Patricio Alvarez (+56) (2) 558 4639 (+56) (9) 7527 8324 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 6xxx (+56) (2) 2467 4057
      Gamel Martinez (+56) (2) 933 7255 (+56) (9) 7779 5587 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 6275 (+56) (2) 2467 4058
      Emiliano Galuppo (+56) (2) 2224 9550 (+56) (9) 9935 5485 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 6xxx (+56) (2) 2467 4059
      Hector Alarcon (+56) (2) xxxx xxxx (+56) (9) 9232 1291 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 6561 (+56) (2) 2467 4060
      Emilio Barrios (+56) (2) 2313 5001 (+56) (9) 7756 9613 (+56) (2) 2467 6597 (+56) (2) 2467 6562 (+56) (2) 2467 4060

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