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On branch integration/COMMON-2020JUN
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git log --no-merges --oneline origin/master..origin/integration/COMMON-2020JUN -- ACS
98ff142607 TEST13 fixed line number refered by test
db7e28e131 ICT-16466 Fix line number and removed fragile assert
fbf6c8b80e ICT-16707: Removing "set -e" to prevent early exit of the buildJacORB script
f47a227f16 added check for tty to avoid ambiguous redirection when running non interactive
1fe0b8f039 ICT-15532: Reordering of New Makefile tasks for interdependence
8e626e22e0 ICT-16952: Updated the error definition macro for Java to include acserrj JAR in the compilation
3a9d1b0c77 ICT-16951: New Makefile updated for some macros to use absolute paths
1698154be3 no endorsed lib. Check JACORB_HOME can be erased
3f398f3377 buildJacORB script report inconsistencies and errors
5a12c6b44f ICT-16709: Updated Makefile to execute post build script even if there are modules failing
3475b6a532 Using startLocalManagementAgent instead of loadAgent
eca52c8ebe fix the way to get PID from MXBean runtime
28017cfe2d set property jdk.attach.allowAttachSelf=true for some tests
f889273ec6 ICT-16656: An update to Virtualization to separate image from directory path for container volumes
5d6c63499a ICT-16821: Small fix in Makefile of bulkDataNT module
e23c201743 ICT-16802: Updated some comments in jacsutil and
c7da181b94 ICT-16824: Added to all modules in acsGUIs group
e6252f7c29 ICT-16825: Added to modules in acsExtras group
d9a82627eb ICT-16823: Added to all modules in ACSLaser group
37db9a99c7 ICT-16822: Added file for group containerTests' modules
2cfa7245d4 ICT-16819: Added to monitoring group's modules
57f2dae10d some ref generated, tests 18 and 18 commented out and fixes
b328342005 added guard to make test output more stable
0a366cc843 Commented out new subscription alarm test
12be71ea72 fix textCharacteristic and commented out testNewSubscriptionAlarm
bc2c15bd41 ICT-16821: Added to acscourse, acssim, bulkData and bulkDataNT modules
804a15e8e0 ICT-16820: Added to acscommandcenter, acspyexmpl, mastercomp and nctest modules
acc944f596 ICT-16818: Added to acssamp, jacsalarmtest, jbaci and jcontexmpl modules
aa0f7ef8ff ICT-16817: Added to acstestentities, jcont, jcontnc and nsStatisticsService modules
8791565ca2 ICT-16816: Added to XmlIdl, acspy, comphelpgen and define modules
e7b344e504 ICT-16815: Added acsalarmpy, acsexmpl, acspycommon and jlogEngine modules
24b16e10a9 ICT-16814: Added to acsdaemon, acslog, acsnc and acstestcompcpp modules
7434934e3a ICT-16813: Added to acstime, jmanager, maci and task modules
0b944ed285 ICT-16812: Added to acscallbacks, acsdaemonidl, enumprop and jacsalarm modules
ec1fa8b564 ICT-16811: Added to archiveevents, baci, basenc and parameter modules
a65568a72b ICT-16810: Added to acsContainerServices, acsalarm, acscomponent and recovery modules
bb31386aa9 ICT-16809: Added to acsalarmidl, cdbChecker, cdb_rdb and codegen modules
66c4511828 ICT-16808: Added to cdb, jacsutil2, loggingts and loggingtsTypes modules
3f64eb22ca ICT-16807: Added to acsjlog, acsncidl, baciidl and repeatGuard modules
36898aa9ed ICT-1806: Added to acscomponentidl, acsthread, cdbidl and maciidl modules
bbcd036ca3 ICT-16805: Added to acsQos, acserr, acserrTypes and logging modules
204a3ff91a ICT-16774: Solved repeatGuard and acsjlog circular dependency due to changes on RemoteLogDispatcher
edb1c0d48e ICT-16803: Added and linked those from Makefile and files for the four modules acsidlcommon, acsstartup, acsutil, loggingidl
539b8d2eaf ICT-16802: Added and linked those from Makefile and files for the four modules jacsutil, xmljbind, xmlpybind, acserridl
986ea2968a Fixes Segmentation fault ICT-16671
6ba3afd4d8 ICT-16793: Added several debugging functionalities to New Makefile
f9d8cfed9b ICT-16792: Added support for Python 2 and 3 cache files in New Makefile
f847962693 ICT-16791: Added described Python information to Makefile
db2de62643 callback release by stream instead of calling delete
fbed9a6039 ICT-16787 added and linked those from Makefile and files for Kit group
f4ab616037 ICT-7241: Added debugging for problems in the RemoteLogDispatcher
513bbe4bb5 stage 2 futurize. All tests passing OK
111ab50525 stage 1 futurized
e92a6f4225 Several fixes to run nosetests py tests
4f0f51c480 ICT-16708: Removed the DLSYM_VX patch and the reference from buildTAO script
34d95cee55 ICT-16739: Updated jmanager test reference files to remove custom paths
fc89188c8a ICT-16738: Changes to ManagerImplSerializationTest in jmanager that were missed
2f1b049cfe ICT-16739: Several improvements to jmanager tests Splitted tests in several ones Uncommented failing test and fixed it Added some new coverage for Prevayler functionality
322f41b0f1 ICT-16738: ManagerEngine shuts down remote logger on destruction
14d827874c Modified the acsStart remote to spend less time for stucked containers
7ac4d7fad4 ICT-16158: Updated reference file in acs-jms to consider Alarm NS mapping
6ef3a433f1 ICT-16172: Fixed one test in jcontnc that behaves differently when ran in group
9256e4c362 ICT-16732: Reverted the workaround in the acsexmpl tests CDB
a95a9ba0b7 Simplified TAT test so that is consistent across executions
f0f7a803f9 added line lost in last merge
300c7baaec Added a TAT test for ICT-16497
26f72b4eab ICT-16656: Updated docker images to consier USER_NAME instead of USER Clashing of variable names Also added tcl-devel and tk-devel for Python 3 tkinter support
c30ff917b1 ICT-16158: ACSLaser/acs-jms tests: Every defined channel need a NS mapping unless the default one is expected
7be0bef6f1 ICT-16158: ACSLaser/acs-jms tests: Every defined channel need a NS mapping unless the default one is expected
2911cde766 ICT-16114: Updated acssamp reference file and grep due to changes in last release
3e100c4bfc ICT-16656: Added Virtualization module with Vmware and Docker files VmwareFactory was moved in Virtualization module, while Docker was created with Dev and Jenkins sub-modules. Jenkins sub-module has the docker images for use in Jenkins environment Dev has docker images + docker-compose set-up for persistence of files and access to local repository
c95f0ab707 added a wait_time so that GenReceiver can be run in TAT tests
63f40cbee5 Fix timestamp type to long
1551ecc82f Callbacks now have a reference to its Receiver Flow
5c649fd145 ICT-16666: Updated the version for the COMMON-2020JUN release
d405f297ec Fixes to allow unit test case to run in random order
2b574de465 some tests changed their logging output
390f280148 rule added to cleanup autogenerated container files so that unit testing is idempotent
63f10bbd3f Increased waiting time to allow for complete reception of all emmited logs
9eeba5a701 rule added for acsutilTATEpilogue test
436b5482a7 CDB files with named loggers declarations and containers config
abb70206b2 Changed the way to query remote and local log level to fix 99 99 reported status for cpp tests
745fb92ae5 ICT-16432-ASAX: text change in Maximum Recoverable Scale

git log --no-merges --oneline origin/master..origin/integration/COMMON-2020JUN -- ARCHIVE
96f14429ba Add three missing columns that are in the data-base but were somehow not included in this file.
891d216db1 Changed repo maven to proxy
b413994ae0 ICT-15925 replaced all references of jenkinsAtEso profile with artifactory profile - for exist and xmldb as well
73d02fda45 ICT-15925 replaced all references of jenkinsAtEso profile with artifactory profile
2b530231a2 ICT-16603 simpliied pom profiles, aligning with JAO
0768488e78 ICT-16589: updated poms -> 2020.06-SNAPSHOT

git log --no-merges --oneline origin/master..origin/integration/COMMON-2020JUN -- ICD

83e0c76250 Fixing merge conflict
1fcce2e046 Null pointer exception avoided testing _selection for null
c5dcead917 Editors are now read only for other users not goduser
8cc06dab74 Included configuration changes done according ICT-14671: bulk strategy, and new generation mappings
84e9a0a598 Caught some cases where integer division is expected (//), StringIO needs to come from six in python 2 (instead of io) so that it works with print, cleaned up to match [may be unused])
a3cda6245b ASDM* and Enumerations python code to work in python 3 and 2
21fc95cceb Fix a bad Query. Further details are in ICT-16855.
13958c000e Updated POM versions to 2020.06-SNAPSHOT
07c73b9a3e More complete overhaul of all the functions that handle CAI's. No interface changes. Better error handling.
9a31bd7afc Overhauled most of the functions that return data form teh TMCDB. The goal was to finish replacing a Hibernate Session object with an JPA EntityManager object. This is now done in all places except in the Proxy class. Most functions were also cleaned up. There should be no change in functionality; but typos resulting in bugs may have crept in.
d1ee570d33 Remove the remaining places where the deprecated Query object was used. Its replaced by the TypedQuery objects.
b5501e47a4 Use an EntityManager in the getAntennas function and all the functions that call the getAntenna function
894e062d97 UIse parameters from a common place
a9a8fdea5d Use a default TMCDB component
d28a33f994 Replacing some deprecated queries with ones from the JPA
e8b78b0b1c Make a query more secure
31f77aac54 Improve the new cleanUp function
af5be63b4d Made the script filenames private.
9c6617aa87 Made some static functions public. Simplified the names of some static variables
10f4a41584 Renamed TmcdbUtils to MemoryDBUtils as this class is only used when testing
f81ffa8033 Remove unused public static variables
67e0273dca Remove unused functions
19d28c44ba Add copywrite boilerplate
2ed5fced83 Improve the error handling in the dropTables function
0987ed0dd1 Improve the error handling in the function that reads the DDL files.
2e1f171042 Use try-with-resources to more simply ensure that some objects are closed when we are done with them.
eb82a462c9 ICT-16391: finished casac port to python 3
7c95fb6d7d Use ACS containers to find jar files in the classpath
93cb4c450e Standardise the project name
b22f16bcfa Improve the error handling and close resources
13b35b8263 Delete the data base when the component shuts down. It gets recreated at startup.
e88784ed60 Remove an unused and unneeded module
0768488e78 ICT-16589: updated poms -> 2020.06-SNAPSHOT
00715e0256 Remove an unused import
ae51becd8d Always load a dummy LRU file
0eab450e65 Ranme the PRD to type PDA (as that is what it actually is).
05e0594bcf Removed unneeded functions Turned the main function into a test
d738348183 Removed some unused imports
51e91e842e This is an older version of this class. Its being removed to prevent confusion.  The new version is at ARCHIVE/TMCDB/DAO/src/alma/acs/monitoring/blobber/mpexpert/
96abd8da4c Replace tabs with spaces
ab4fef01a4 Update Exception handling
c6948fdcdc Updated the assmebly role to assembly type to library mappings
f80b43f5f4 Simplify imports
5449036a5f Always add missing component types
a022ceceb7 Remove an unused function
eb56a536b3 Whitespace only change
bac30fd07d Return a null, instead of an exception, when a file cannot be found.
3025502224 Remove functions that are not used
c871c5be36 Simplify the way assemblies are loaded
0fe40915fa Added configuration of new_generation_mappings in the hibernate property
3e83a933bb included new entry for changing hibernate bulk strategy in configuration properties
3f874d3c66 Update the functions for loading the pointing and focus models.
b6abecf8cf Remove compiler warnings
45a5f32513 Do not read the data-base configuartion file unless you need to
0942b13e64 Simplify some for loops
d7464c7a31 Use JPA interfaces instead of native Hibernate ones when loading a configuration into memory. Major cleanup of the relevant function. Its still not complete.
dc6b03ab97 ICT-16100 changed acs/archive/icd versions to 2020.02
57d472851d ICT-16421: More fixes reported in ICT-16684 for ASDM Python 3 compatibility in both asdmTypes.i and SwigAll.xpt files
9ea85ae173 ICT-16100: updated ICD/OBOPS version number to 2020.04-SNAPSHOT
0bb007f374 Remove code that reused an existing configuration as HSQLDB is no longer supported.  A new configuration is always created.
b543a13d1d Remove unused imports
a44c9f1946 Move all aspects of manipulating the configuration file into the Configuration loader class
bc6c2155a4 Use a more conventional static function to run the configuration loader.
ad825718e6 Remove HSQLDB in the standalone TMCDB.
424407ff0f Improve a log message
f670c26d87 Factor out into a seperate function the code for creating an empty in-memory TMCDB
1d23d35796 Do not load the assemblies into the AssemblyType and LruType tables. These tables are part of the software side of the TMCDB. Tests that use the standalone acessor should use ACS code to access the software side of the TMCDB.
4393cc430a Remove unused lines to remove clutter
4674f6f213 Use the standard idiom for error handling in the test. Autocloseable adds more complexity
76d1eba5c8 Improve the testing
f0d76c0df7 Remove code that is not needed as Hibernate is configured elsewhere
dd95769608 Remove a log message that is no longer needed
81c6e4c323 Merge the two load functions. Only one is needed.
d70f80051b Whitespace only change
04fd2eeb4a Remove local configuration from the test
d8bb40797a Moved the code that finds the catalog file to make testing easier
a6e744bc1b Improve the error handling.
7f2e09acdb Skip dropping of tables when using an in-memory data base as it starts empty.
b4e82968c9 Code cleanup of the loadConfiguration function
2c3a80f919 Whitespace only change
359a66980b Require the users of this class to explicitly initialize the SessionFactory
2f3f3d5676 Minor code refactoring. No actual changes.
2a9509dc01 Use more generic references to the class path
6493b0485b Move the git configuration file to the test directory as its only used for the test
b7092fd50f Remove the Configuration member variable as its not needed.
41b7ae865f Doc update.
fde47cec08 Remove the functions that create ACS configurations as they are not used anywhere.
12773ed996 Whitespace and doc only change
166bd81984 Improve a log message
f24a9465a3 Remove the function that create dummy records at startup. As far as I can tell they are not needed.
8b8af746cf Use a correctly formatted configuration file. The previous was not kept up to date.
66a4b6b896 Translate an unset configuration name to an empty string as nulls are not allowed
f97790ba90 Search for the configuration files in more places. Both $(cwd)/../config and $INTLIST/config are now included.
453d119e1f Handle when the component does not startup
5036db767e Add code to start a test of the TMCDB Standalone Access component. At the moment this just starts the component.
b8c240ad7e White space and documentation changes only. No actual code changes
4f16b3e3fa Move the ACS component files into the same module as the other class files. There is no need for them to be kept seperate. Two classes are ke[t in teh previous mopdule fopr CDB backward comptaibility. These should be removed after cycle 9 starts.
04a1b5638b Replace generic objects with templated ones to remove warnings
bc5746d642 Remove TMCDB assessors that are no longer used. There are just two left 1. TmcdbHibernateAccessor, thats used at teh OSF and connects to an Oracle data base. 2. TmcdbStandaloneHibernateAccessor, thats used in simulations and uses an XML file.
06150317fe Factored out common code used when initializing the component.
515f3f5465 Remove all the test code. Testing will be doine a different way that is more seperated from the production code.
5a002ccc5f Whitespace and doc change only. No code has changed. 1. Replace tabs with spaces. 2. Fix up indents 3. Improve copywrite 4. Remove unused imports
1579ad68c8 Remove unneeded lines from the Makefile
27ef1365f4 The ICT intlist entry is now needed as the module has been split
68ba743322 Update project name. It was using an old one previously
6be66bcad9 Modified maven profile to work both for ESO and JAO
1e16ad9345 ICT-16391: generation made Python 2 and 3 compatible
2375ef4403 ICT-16421: More changes for HLA/{Enumarations,ASDM} Python 2 and 3 compatibility
87e8e5a7eb ICT-16421: Changes in ICD/HLA to make it compatible with Python 2 and 3
b56d4cb6a8 ICT-16391: Updating script that generates __casac__/ script to consider relative imports
f2d571cc08 ICT-16391: Changed casac/Makefile to make use of Python Makefile variables
5a4300e661 ICT-16391: Making casac Python 2 and 3 compatible

The officially supported OS is the 64 bit version of "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo)". The binary distribution of ACS (tarball) is made for this OS. We also successfully use its clone "CentOS 7.6".