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ALMA Integrated Team Wikis

The following links provide access to the Wiki pages of the ALMA Integrated Teams, also known as IXTs. The starting pages provide links to the Wiki spaces of the various teams within these groups. To access these pages, you will need to log in. 

  1. ALMA Integrated Computing Team (ICT)
  2. ALMA Integrated Science Operations Team (ISOPT)
  3. ...

All ALMA staff members have access to these pages. To request access, please contact your local ICT Head.

Cloning GIT repositories

ALMA Software GIT repositories requires git lfs installed in the system before the checkout.

GIT LFS can be obtained at:

Reporting Bugs

You can report bugs or request a new feature or improvement for the ALMA Software in the following link:

Contributing back with your changes

We need to define a model on which the users of the open source software can contribute back to the project

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