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This is a JAO-ESO Paranal/La Silla/APEX event focused on fostering collaborations between observatories through the preparation of common JWST proposals. It would be organized in two mornings (afternoons in Garching):

  1. Tuesday - general presentations on JWST instrumentation, what it can do for your science, and present practical science cases, so we can have a good idea on the JWST potential.
  2. Wednesday - discussion sessions between Paranal/APEX/JAO staff, where everyone can bring their ideas/objects/science case to be done with JWST and discuss among us. This is then followed by a presentation and a hands-on session on the JWST Observing Tool and Exposure Time Calculator

For reference, the call for proposals is already open, and the deadline will be on 24th November.


On the first day, a general zoom link has been provided via email. A Slack group has been set and also communicated via email. Different channels have been set up so QnA's for each presentation can proceed there.

For the discussions on the second day, the zoom session will be separated into different break-out rooms.

Participants input

In order to organize the working groups and the JWST ETC and OT session, we need you to fill this Doodle poll. Please, select your science topics of interest (you can select more than one so that we know whether to put different groups together).


The times are Chile Local Time, so add 5h to get Germany Local Time.

Tuesday (6th October)

  • 8h55 – 9h: Welcoming, explaining the Slack group, and overview of the program
  • Note on QnA - this will be done through Slack on a written basis and in parallel to the running Zoom session (check emails for Slack and Zoom link). The QnA in each Slack group channel can potentially be used to engage discussion on the second day. Note that on the second day we start with a verbal QnA for any question that may still remain unanswered.

session 1 (JWST and science)

10h30 – 11h00 Break

session 2 (JWST and science)

Wednesday (7th October)

session 1 (Discussion)

  • 9h – 9h30: QnA session
  • 9h30 – 11h – proposal discussion (fill in the doodle so the Zoom host knows which room to assign you)

    • Solar system and Planetary evolution

    • Stellar evolution and physics and ISM (chair Jesús Corral-Santana)

    • Galaxy evolution and high-redshift and AGN (chair Fuyan Bian)

11h – 11h30 Break

session 2 (parallel)

  • Continue with proposal discussion – different groups may be created, so coordinate this with zoom host
  • "The JWST ETC and APT" (Hugo Messias) and "JWST hands-on" (some exercises based on JWST science cases or on each ones ideas)

Material for Wednesday's hands-on session

  • Create an account on ETC (it will allow you to save your work)
  • Note down your favourite Example Science Program from this webpage
  • Download the APT (should be v2020.4; ~165MB download, 350MB on disk)
  • (note that you do not need to download Aladin, since it is already incorporated into the APT)

Zoom break-out rooms instructions

  • on Wednesday, the parallel discussions will occur in so-called break-out rooms within the same zoom session;
  • the host will assign you a discussion room, so it is important for you to fill this doodle in for that purpose;
  • you will then see a message regarding the room assignment which you need to accept;
  • inside the room you can ask for help (e.g., in case you want to change discussion rooms) by clicking the corresponding button on the bottom tool-panel, and this will warn the host;
  • preferably, you should send a message via Slack to the host so he can move you directly to another room
  • you can instead leave the discussion room and move into the main session where you can directly ask the host to be assigned a different break-out room.

Online Organizing Committee

  • Giacomo Beccari
  • Itziar de Gregorio Monsalvo
  • Pascale Hibbon
  • Elizabeth Humphreys
  • Chiara Mazzucchelli
  • Hugo Messias
  • Theodoros Nakos
  • Linda Schmidtobreick

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