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Workshop postponed

Due to a number of reasons, this workshop has been postponed until further announcement


This is a JAO-ESO Paranal/La Silla/APEX event focused on fostering collaborations between observatories through the preparation of common JWST proposals. It would be organized in two mornings:

  1. Tuesday - general presentations on JWST instrumentation, what it can do for your science, and present practical science cases, so we can have a good idea on the JWST potential.
  2. Wednesday - discussion sessions between Paranal/APEX/JAO staff, where everyone can bring their ideas/objects/science case to be done with JWST and discuss among us. This is then followed by a hands-on session on the JWST Observing Tool and Exposure Time Calculator

For reference, the call for proposals is already open, while the deadline will be on 1st May.


Tuesday - Licancabur (JAO building)

Wednesday - Multiple small rooms to be announced (Tatio, Socaire in JAO building; more tbd)

Videolinks to OSF, Paranal, La Silla and APEX will be done upon request. If you want to be added for the proposal discussion contact Hugo Messias in order for a zoom link to be created.

Participants input

In order to organize Tuesday lunch and the working groups, we need you to fill this Doodle poll. Please, select your science topic of interest, and your food specifications.



9h – 10h45 session 1

  • 9h – 9h30: JWST introduction (Thodori Nakos)
  • 9h30 – 9h45: science case - (tbd)
  • 9h45 – 10h: science case - (tbd)
  • 10h – 10h15: science case - (tbd)
  • 10h15 – 10h30: science case - (tbd)
  • 10h30 – 10h45: science case - Cosmology and the high redshift universe (Fuyan Bian)

10h45 – 11h15 Coffee break

11h15 – 12h40 session 2

  • 11h15 – 11h30: the JWST instrumentation suite (Thodori Nakos)

  • 11h30 – 11h50: the JWST ETC and OT (Hugo Messias)

  • 11h50 – 12h10: mission status update (Rogier Windhorst through zoom)

  • 12h10 – 12h40: QnA session 1


9h – 11h session 1

  • 9h – 9h30: QnA session 2
  • 9h30 – 11h – proposal discussion (tbd)

11h – 11h30 Coffee break

11h30 – 12h30 session 2 (parallel)

  • Continue with proposal discussion
  • JWST OT hands-on – some exercises based on JWST science cases or on each ones ideas

Material for Wednesday

  • ...



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