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Find a suitable replacement for the notification channel, the idea is to move away from CORBA keeping in place the current API provided by Common Software.


The estimated considers 1 engineer full time dedicated to this task

  1. Study current Notification Channel API (2 week)
    1. Understand the designs patterns of the API
    2. Understand the motivation and current use cases
    3. Gather the requirements (functional and non-functional)
    4. Familiarize with code implementing the API
  2. Study alternatives to the CORBA Notification Service (2 week)
    1. Check for alternatives that could meet the requirements
    2. Prepare prototypes for each of the alternatives
    3. Study the performance of each prototype
  3. Implementation of the new Notification Channel API (6 weeks)
    1. Implement in C++
    2. Implement in Java
    3. Implement in Python
  4. Integration tests of the rest of the ALMASW with the new Notification Channel API (2 weeks)
    1. Check that the rest of the ALMASW builds with new API
    2. Perform some ALMASW regression testing with the new API
  5. Extend functionality through a new API (4 weeks)
    1. If the new framework extends the functionality of the NC create a new API to expose that
    2. Document the new useful functionality

Third party libraries that might be suitable as replacement