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2019 May 5th - 15 UT



Joseph Schwarz , Klemens Mosshammer,

David Melkumyan, Igor Oya,

Elisa Antolini

ESOGianluca Chiozzi

Contact Information

Topic: ACS Community Meeting Q2
Time: May 16, 2019 15:00 PM UT

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Meeting ID: 183 480 528

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Action Items from previous meeting:

2019 Planning:

  • ACS website: Still not published. Low priority
  • Upgrade JAR libraries to Java 11 compatible versions (Hibernate 5 is the main one)
    • Available since 2019FEB.
    • Applications using hibernate may require different levels of attention depending on what parts of the library they use.
  • Port ACS to Java 11
    • Core of the porting started with 2019APR.
    • Upgrade of libraries found in run-time, compilation issues and other fixes/improvements for Java 11 done as part of 2019JUN.
    • Due to incompatibility between the changes and the Java 8 version, these modifications are not available on master branch. They will be merged after ALMA Go/NoGo decision on July 26th.
    • Merge to the master is expected somewhere between August and September, so it would not be available as part of 2019AUG, but 2019OCT if the Go/NoGo decission is positive.
    • If anyone is interested in this, we could provide a Java 11 compatible branch at some point after June 21st (This is when the verification of 2019JUN finishes).
  • Port ACS to Python 3
    • We have a complicated schedule between the Java 11, new ACS Makefile and other key ALMA deliverable.
    • We're aiming to have this before 2019DEC.
      • We mentioned 2020JAN, but that is an ALMASW-only deliverable (ACS only make releases on even months).
  • Refactor ACS Makefile
    • First roll-out scheduled with 2019JUN.
    • It will handle dependencies calculation among modules.
    • Should improve performance on multi-cpu/core machines.
    • It will coexist with current Makefile for at least a year.
  • Bug-fixing
    • False ACE/TAO CORBA Timeouts
      • ICT-12886 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Share bug-fix with TAO community or even create the pull-request (ACE+TAO github).
    • Notification Channel
      • Problems with Notification Channel/Service after it has been left up running for weeks.
      • Check if it might be related with problems seen at ALMA.
      • Check memory usage of the Notification Service process when the problem happens to see if this may be a slow consumer generating issues.

Other institutions plans and proposed topics

  • Integrating TAT with Jenkins
    • Problems parsing the output from TAT tasks.
    • ALMA to provide the parsing script being used here.
      • It doesn't support multi-level analysis at this point for nested groups.

Any other business?

  • Confluence
    • This is the official content collaboration tool now used at ALMA.
    • ACS space is open to public, but editing is limited to registered users.
    • People interested in editing should let us know by e-mail either to acs-discuss or directly to Tomas Staig.
  • ACS Community Bitbucket server
    • It will be separated from the ALMA Bitbucket server due to licensing restrictions.
    • This would give more freedom to create users and other actions on the community server.
  • RedHat 8
    • ACS should be compatible with RH 8.x considering the efforts that have been made so far to work with newer OS and technologies.
    • This won't be tested until appropriate environments for testing are available. Either:
      • ALMA provides official RH 8.x support
      • CentOS 8.x docker images are available

Conclusions/Action Items

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