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2020 March 31 - 15:00 UT



Igor Oya

Stefan Schlenstedt

Joseph Schwarz

Klemens Mosshammer

David Melkumyan

Emilio Garcia

Luis Gesa

Torsten Schmidt

Vito Conforti


Alessandro Caproni

Gianluca Chiozzi

Contact Information

Action Items from previous meeting:

  • Share with ACE/TAO the bugfix for CORBA false timeouts:
  • Share TAT parsing utility/scripts
    • ACS/LGPL/acsBUILD/src/
    • Parse the test.log file generated from the 'make test' directive:
      • ' test.log'
  • Follow up ACS Website tasks

Updates since last Meeting:

  • Port ACS to Java 11
    • ACS and the ALMA SW has been successfully ported to Java 11
    • Acceptance of ALMA SW using Java 11 is already undergoing
  • Port ACS to Python 3
    • ACS was partially ported to Python 3 with 2019OCT release
      • Provides both Python 2 and 3 interpreters using 'pyenv'
      • Versions 2.7.16 and 3.6.9 are currently provided by ACS
    • Several bug-fixes in 2019DEC and 2020FEB
      • Initial tests show that it only works for clients
    • More bug-fixes and port of containers done in 2020APR
      • ~2% difference in tests results between Python 2 and 3
      • Mostly, the difference is in the output due to the interpreter version,
        • We do not discard some small pending compatibility changes
    • Mostly, changing between Python 2 and 3 means only to execute 'pyenv':
      • 'pyenv 2.7.16'
      • 'pyenv 3.6.9'
      • Only exception is acstime, which needs to be recompiled due to swig code being compiled and linked against only one Python header/library file
  • ACS Changes
    • Enabled ACE/TAO iterators for CORBA types
    • ACS Container Daemon capability to create stacktraces and/or heap/core dumps
      • Works for Python, Java and C++
    • PyXB Upgrade to 1.2.6 (Latest)
      • Affects code generated using pyxbgen (XSDBIND Makefile declarations)
      • Mostly the code is compatible:
        • XSD sequence was changed from list ([...]) to an interable (_PluralBinding class)
          • In most cases they're compatible, but under some specific usage it may not
  • Stabilization of TAT module tests
    • There were around 40% of the tests failing. This has been lowered to around 5%, but we want to aim to at least around 1-3%
  • Refactor of ACS Makefile
    • The refactor of ACS Makefile is currently stalled in favor of the Python 3 porting and tests stabilization
  • RedHat 8 / CentOS 8
    • Start investigation about ACS/Common and RH/CentOS 8 compatibility
      • ICT-16009 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Bug-fixing
    • Fix memory leak in Components Smart Ptr class
      • ICT-14804 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • enumpropROImpl and enumpropRWImpl are initializing the BACI property with an uninitialized default value
      • ICT-11598 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Overriding the value of in env. defined CPU in the acs makefile
      • ICT-8182 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Behavior of retrieving non-existent loggers in Java, C++ and Python is different
      • ICT-16193 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • archive_delta and archive_delta_percent don't work if pollingInterval=0
      • ICT-16506 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ACS 2020APR was finished today and internal pre-release published
    • Will reach the community in around 2 months

2020 Planning:

  • ACS website: Still not published. Low priority
  • Port ACS to Python 3
    • 2020AUG is expected to be a Python 3 only version of ACS, but it may still be compatible with Python 2 for a couple of releases afterwards
    • This only means that no further efforts would be made to make it compatible with Python 2
  • ACS Tests stabilization (Probably by finished with 2020JUN release)
  • Python 3 bug-fixing
  • Refactor ACS Makefile
    • Core of the work is already done
    • Need to re-schedule the pending tasks
  • Re-design the notification service
    • This is a tentative work to provide an alternative for the current notification service
    • We're in the planning phase of this project

Other institutions plans and proposed topics

Any other business?

  • Confluence
    • This is the official content collaboration tool now used at ALMA.
    • ACS space is open to public, but editing is limited to registered users.
    • People interested in editing should let us know by e-mail either to acs-discuss or directly to Tomas Staig.
  • ACS Community Bitbucket server has been separated from the ALMA Bitbucket server

Conclusions/Action Items

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