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2020 15/07 - 12:00 UT




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Contact Information

Action Items from previous meeting:

  • ZeroMQ BulkData Implementation
  • APEX Problem with NS since 2019AUG release
    • Between 2018AUG and 2018DEC there are no changes but aesthetic ones
    • Jorge Avarias commented this could have to do with TAO version change around the time
  • ACS Documentation
    • Efforts have been made on few documents
    • FAQ has been ported, but it has to be checked and updated
    • Dominik Neise comments that faster/better documentation could be made if the community could participate. How to participate?
      • Jorge Avarias says that public login can manually request permission to edit pages
      • Tomas Staig comments that we're setting up a list of users to be given edit permissions in the space

Updates since last Meeting:

  • 2020JUN Release
  • ACS Python 3 Porting
    • 2020APR and 2020JUN tested against ALMA SW
    • No further bug-fixes have been found
    • Test behavior consistent in Python 2 and 3
  • ACS Changes

    • Compatibility and new capabilities for the new Makefile being developed

      • Added file to all modules, to factor out common code in the current and new Makefile being developed to allow a smoother transition between them

    • Exposing problems in the Java RemoteLogDispatcher

    • Prevent Logging crash in "at exit" handlers

  • CentOS / RHEL 8
    • As of 2020AUG ACS is fully compatible with CentOS / RHEL 8
  • COMMON-2020AUG
    • CentOS / RHEL 8 Compatibility:  ICT-16009 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • acsFindFile Thread Safe:  ICT-17036 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • ExtProd to report building time:  ICT-16958 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Python 3 as Default Interpreter:  ICT-16954 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • ACS Bash Profile to ignore user aliases:  ICT-16782 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • ComponentCaller to support asynchronous calls:  ICT-16673 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2020 Planning:

  • Communication and Collaboration
    • ACS Workshop
      • Around 50 participants, of which 36 should be participating in the project
      • Joseph Schwarz offered help as instructor for the workshop
    • Issue Tracking platform for the community
      • During the ACS Workshop this will be discussed in the "ACS Issue Tracking and Main Problems" section
      • One alternative is to offer a public project for official JIRA
        • This public project would be public for read, but authorized login to create/comment/etc.
    • Fork/Branches on public repository
      • Workflow is similar to GitHub:
        • Fork of the branch and work in your user's version of the repository
        • To be defined how to bring changes back to ALMA. To be discussed in "ACS Issue Tracking and Main Problems" section of ACS Workshop
    • Community Chat
      • Slack as an option
      • Tomas Staig will check possibilities
    • Docker Hub
      • Section in the ACS Workshop to discuss the official docker image
  • Re-design Notification Channels
    • A bit delayed
    • Consider Kafka and Akka Streams as additional possible candidates
  • BulkData
    • As discussed in pending action items section
  • Monotonic Clock:  ICT-16764 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Will be tested soon for ALMA. If it works it would be set up as default
    • If it is used, then other projects should check if it affects them in any way

Other institutions plans and proposed topics

  • Joseph Schwarz comments that it would be useful to avoid compiling ExtProds when no changes have been made between 2 releases
    • Igor Oya  and Torsten brought information about the RPMs being prepared at CTA by DESY
      • They will look into this internally and try to provide the current information to ALMA
      • ALMA will look into this and try to add dependencies from OS and others

Any other business?

Conclusions/Action Items

  • Tomas Staig to check TAO version in 2018AUG and 2018DEC (Check if this could generate the problem for APEX)
  • Tomas Staig to add advanced track topic to discuss "official" Docker image
  • Tomas Staig to check Slack for the ACS Community
  • Tomas Staig to check ExtProds independence
  • Tomas Staig to coordinate with Joseph Schwarz participation as instructor of ACS Workshop
  • Tomas Staig to discuss with Igor Oya  regarding the moderation of Community Requests / New Features in ACS Workshop
  • Igor Oya  to look into ZeroMQ-based BulkData
  • Torsten to check ExtProds RPMs used at CTA
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