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Release history and use in Alma

This is the first ACS development to be used in Cycle 9. Below is the list of addressed tickets.

Addressed JIRA tickets

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Release Notes

git status
On branch integration/COMMON-2020FEB
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/integration/COMMON-2020FEB'.

git log --no-merges --oneline origin/master..origin/integration/COMMON-2020FEB -- ACS
8436d6a2ae (origin/feature/ICT-9599) ICT-9599: Updated extjars Makefile
83f48c8360 ICT-9599: Moving commons-io-2.0.0.jar to ACS/LGPL/Tools/extjars/lib
948117382b ICT-9599: Avoiding JARs version clash due to RTIDDS JARs being added to classpath
5f5f9695a2 ICT-9599: Removed commons-io-2.0.1.jar from lib directory for 2 reasons 1. ACS provides commons-io-2.0.jar which I expect to offer the same API 2. It was stored as a binary and not using Git LFS 3. It was not used in any place explictly that version, where it was explicit, it was using verion 2.0 and not 2.0.1
6bcb8917d4 (origin/feature/ICT-8300) Replaced fork pipe and exevc by popen
6c4dbaf65f New quick tutorial for BulkData Sender in Java.
90913182d6 Patch to make bulkDataNT buildable against ACS-2019FEB.
7bcf0da48c ICT-9599: Exclude generated Jave source files for checkstyle.
43b98f0e36 ICT-9599: Remove Javadoc as it is now generated by Jenkins (running in a NAOJ server).
2def1429b7 ICT-9599: Added license and copyright notice.
5c852fcb77 ICT-9599: Exclude non-core classes from the coverage measurement (fixed the problems in the previous commit).
f5c4ccd2fd ICT-9599: Exclude non-core classes from the coverage measurement.
a38fd4a3ea ICT-9599: temporary solution to make Jenkins job succeed.
e3755288a4 ICT-9599: Generate coverage report.
686c3465a5 ICT-9599: Ant tasks for CI in NAOJ.
5fd654d849 ICT-9599: Workaround to resolve Apache Commons IO 2.0 because it seems that this library was removed from ACS-APR2017.
2f9be8a5a2 ICT-9599: Add nddsjava.jar to CLASSPATH only when RTI NDDS 5.1.0 is installed.
2a20c7725f ICT-9599: Update the javadoc to the latest one.
4bc3604382 ICT-9599: Completed the implementation of destroy() of BulkDataNTSenderStream.
71c770d6a8 ICT-9599: Completed BulkDataNTSenderFlow implementation.
8f96d36710 ICT-9599: Completed sendData() method implementation.
e7c715655c ICT-9599: Implementation of startSend() and stopSend() is completed.
34de9144f2 ICT-9599: Fixed the minor problems in the sequence diagram.
9d1cf1546d ICT-9599: Added description of Sender Flow.
01e3c251c9 ICT-9599: Created a sequence diagram of Sender Flow.
20cbcfade6 ICT-9599: Removed underscore from MINOR_TODO and TRIVAL_TODO so that Eclipse can recognize them.
3b491aa066 ICT-9599: Show only public in the class diagram.
b2ad1cfbfe ICT-9599: Appended final modifier to all non-state variables.
6c28cc641c ICT-9599: Added explanation on each value of BulkDataNTSenderFlowListener.ErrorType.
118b49fa82 ICT-9599: Default goal is set to all.
6c3e5d7306 ICT-9599: Updated javadoc for review.
15e78bc7e8 ICT-9599: Javadoc of BulkDataNTSenderStream class.
cbf7081704 ICT-9599: Wrote up the usage of BulkDataNTGenSender. Fixed some error message for invalid command line arguments.
336e7dda46 ICT-9599: Raise IllegalFileFormatException if the specified file contains illegal data.
7b165b8d85 ICT-9599: Fixed the help of BulkDataNTGenSender.
fe2810b364 ICT-9599: Updated QoS XML information.
66753ed794 ICT-9599: Reorganized javadocs around configuration.
7fb26a744c ICT-9599: Resolved minor TODOs. Fixed typos in comments. Show initial_peers in the log.
83c9457218 ICT-9599: DomainParticipantFactory now has a pool of DomainParticipants. Warning provided by Eclipse is resolved.
a1ec67096d ICT-9599: Resolved minor TODOs.
0784cb047a ICT-9599: Deleted unimportant TODOs.
8df2439273 ICT-9599: Fixed the problem that destroy() was not overridden properly.
778b749e52 ICT-9599: On the way to implement force destroy.
28e2066293 ICT-9599: Duration_t is now replaced by Duration. forceDestroy() is implemented for BulkDataNTSenderFlow.
df335d2ab1 ICT-9599: Implemented error handling code for createDataWriter.
081bdb6281 ICT-9599: Redefined three methods as static.
e41f76c8d2 ICT-9599: Raise DdsException if the creation of a topic or a publisher fails.
de2b2a6425 ICT-9599: Resolved one TODO.
4c5a521b83 ICT-9599: Throw UnsupportedOperationException when the method has not been implemented yet.
08c54fad8a ICT-9599: QoS library and profile names are checked when creating a new Flow.
9bcdd3a7a0 ICT-9599: Resolved several minor TODOs.
bf0465470e ICT-9599: Flow names are also now validated.
a0b4d76523 ICT-9599: BulkDataNTSenderFlowListener can be now used to listen to the events raised by a Sender Flow.
bb0e2920d6 ICT-9599: List of dependent libraries.
7f0b9d5b0f ICT-9599: Destroy stream when the application is interrupted.
a953b29772 ICT-9599: Support -r option.
26e3a75d53 ICT-9599: Clean up the unit tests.
b4e7af1be4 ICT-9599: Use Eclipse for JUnit.
ebfbcfdb1f ICT-9599: Moved Eclipse Java project to the root, not src/
382ce51e3b ICT-9599: Eclipse settings for easy debugging.
d0fe114b92 ICT-9599: check the exitence of the given profile name also.
8e44db9c96 ICT-9599: Check if the given library exists or not.
cc20ce36e9 ICT-9599: use @value tag.
16e1fcb683 ICT-9599: Updated the javadoc to address the log verbosity setting.
d2da859999 ICT-9599: DDS log verbosity setting is now moved to BulkDataNTGlobalConfiguration.
504c3bf840 ICT-9599: Conversion from tab character to 8 white spaces.
0f468f3475 ICT-9599: State transition diagram of Sender Flow is inserted to Javadoc.
176b1275cf ICT-9599: Uploading the state transition diagram of one flow.
9afe50fa3a ICT-9599: Updated javadoc.
daf7dc8919 ICT-9599: Updated the sample code.
a32fd900bc ICT-9599: Moved the global logger setting to BulkDataNTGlobalConfiguration.
aeae0a9f79 ICT-9599: Refactoring QoS XML loading functionality and other global configuration. Implemented unit tests for BulkDataNTQosXmlSchema and BulkDataNTSenderStreamConfigurationDefault.
7c9400fdfe ICT-9599: Temporary progress.
b53e97c9d5 ICT-9599: Dirty code to read XML file.
8e1c66ed3f ICT-9599: Fixed QoS XML files as the validation with the schema rti_dds_qos_profiles.xsd in RTI DDS 5.1.0 failed.
45f69ff230 ICT-9599: Reorganized configuration class hierarchy. ACS_INSTANCE is read in the constructor of BulkDataNTStreamConfigurationDefault now.
cc86174be8 ICT-9599: Throws an exception when QoS couldn't be get or set for Domain Participant Factory.
d2eb2b3307 ICT-9599: The rule of Stream name is determined and it is now validated based on the rule.
918cc06077 ICT-9599: Stream is marked as destroyed after the destruction.
a8cff855c9 ICT-9599: Reorganized logging facility.
6907f3691c ICT-9599: Reupload Javadoc with the new package name.
cad240190a ICT-9599: Output some debug log messages from Stream.
9eea8c6a64 ICT-9599: Temporarily remove doc/ due to the change of package name.
2ee68fb00b ICT-9599: Changed the package name from alma.ACS.bulkdata to alma.acs.bulkdata as the smaller letters seem to be common to all ACS java packages (except jBACI).
a738a4418a ICT-9599: Use java.util.logging.Logger for logging the external/internal behavior of BulkData Sender in Java.
fc31f3d659 ICT-9599: Fixed some broken links in Javadoc, and also revised some comments.
db2c7a600f ICT-9599: Added a package description to Javadoc.
5a01d58562 ICT-9599: Fixed javadoc errors and updated the temporary copy of Javadoc.
5f33e23769 ICT-9599: Resolved one TODO about the validation of domain ID.
47dd785ea5 ICT-9599: Use ACS_INSTANCE as the domain ID.
fcfc108a46 ICT-9599: New class to store the configuration of BulkDataNTStream in memory.
059ef2b6fc ICT-9599: Topic is now searched before created.
d830bfac0b ICT-9599: Send frame timeout configuration now takes effect.
613aa48629 ICT-9599: Disable auto-enable when making a new publisher.
472057297f ICT-9599: Sender Flow's QoS library name and profile name are not configurable.
0dd91fada1 ICT-9599: Set QoS library name of Stream based on the command line argument.
de2bca5caa ICT-9599: Fixed wrapper scripts and test program according to the change of BulkDataNTSenderStream constructor.
43f6bc369c ICT-9599: Created a new configuration class for BulkDataNTSenderStream.
46c6ff247c ICT-9599: Show command line syntax.
bf0efb6483 ICT-9599: Added one note about setDDSLogVerbosityFromEnvVar().
5857fbce2e ICT-9599: Read BULKDATA_NT_DEBUG environmental variable to change the verbosity of DDS library logging.
a98d724664 ICT-9599: Use the application logger for DDS library log messages.
4c0e26d897 ICT-9599: Find QoS file in pre-defined locations programmatically.
c0bb93802e ICT-9599: -c option is now implementd.
758e4a731c ICT-9599: Use ACS logging system in the same way as in C++ implementation.
84aa5617a6 ICT-9599: Support multiple flows, options for the number of loops and sequences.
954c117e46 ICT-9599: Created unit test for BulkDataNTSenderStream.
84cd254709 ICT-9599: Export the environmental variables to correctly load QoS xml files.
e45f9ea0d1 ICT-9599: Uplaod the current Javadoc to SVN for quick review. It will be deleted when the review is done.
c172c64622 ICT-9599: Created a new target 'javadoc' to generate Javadoc of BulkData implemented in Java. Also fixed errors and warning raised by javadoc command.
1021301dd9 ICT-9599: Deleted mail address surrounded by <> because it causes error when generating Javadoc.
6f8bdfaf61 ICT-9599: Reorganized javadoc of public classes and methods for reviewing.
2b17199361 ICT-9599: Delete one TODO comment that was already resolved.
42d917fc2d ICT-9599: One note about the second argument of createFlow().
c278c3ff62 ICT-9599: Do not throw IllegalConfigurationException when using default configuration.
2466ce4387 ICT-9599: Validate BulkDataNTSenderFlowConfiguration when constructing BulkDataNTSenderFlow.
c50ea669c6 ICT-9599: Tentative JVM options for performance test.
3edaefc686 ICT-9599: New wrappper script to launch BulkDataNTOneFlowPerformanceTest.
6beb9f40d3 ICT-9599: Allow underscore and other ASCII characters for flow name.
d72e700e86 ICT-9599: Allow startSend() parameter to be configured from command line.
b7823b4b6a ICT-9599: Adjust throttling within sendData() method call only.
8c5bdc7a06 ICT-9599: A sparate class for default configuration of BulkDataNTSenderFlow.
aeb9286948 ICT-9599: Created a new method to create a new Flow with default configuration.
894e6b1c39 ICT-9599: Performance test case 1 is implemented (need to be elaborated a bit though).
3299b221f3 ICT-9599: Interval between sub-scan sequences.
4c079ba4c6 ICT-9599: Use nanoseconds resolution fore better accuracy on throttling. Documented the reasoning of throtting range.
9730d5a6a5 ICT-9599: Implemented throttling feature.
45b230add7 ICT-9599: Defined state transition of Flow.
512a3879fc ICT-9599: Propagate throttling parameter to BulkDataNTSenderFlow.
82d46a45a5 ICT-9599: Skelton of one flow performance test.
a3e8868724 ICT-9599: Make ack timeout configurable.
0734d72826 ICT-9599: Support more than 64000 bytes.
76b3c75663 ICT-9599: First commit of performance test of Java BulkData Sender.
54fd1cc6e1 ICT-9599: Resolved unchecked type cast.
84ffa9c958 ICT-9599: Reverted previous commit. Deleted unknown mistake in
9f92d10309 ICT-9599: rmdir is now replaced by 'rm -f' because rmdir fails for some reason.
7409260926 ICT-9599: Trial use of LoggerDevice to redirect error messages generated by DDS library to an arbitrary place. In this commit, it is redirected to the standard output with header, but it would be changed to ACS logging facility in the future.
837dd9f5a0 ICT-9599: Replaced all quick hacks with structured object-oriented code.
5ae1e958d8 ICT-9599: Added println debug messages to confirm that destroy() is called properly.
8c23dcac4d ICT-9599: Defined destroy() methods to release resources.
119bd0ed5e ICT-9599: BulkDataNTSenderStream now creates DataWriter.
11e2249722 ICT-9599: DomainParticipant is now created in BulkDataNTStream.
316db8823d ICT-9599: Throw IllegalArgumentException instead of using assert for method argument checks as it seems to be more appropriate for Java programs.
3bff76d2d8 ICT-9599: Created a base class BulkDataNTStream for BulkDataNTSenderStream in the hope that this could be also used as the base class for BulkDataNTReceiverStream in the future.
62a825f411 ICT-9599: Created skelton classes of Sender stream and flow.
bcd223b3c2 ICT-9599: Avoid using acsStartJava because it does not handle quoted command line arguemnts correctly.
b999616a51 ICT-9599: create a separate dumpConfigurations() method.
da6e744d22 ICT-9599: Accept multiple flow names.
2076e89f55 ICT-9599: Added doube value options.
efcc339567 ICT-9599: Support boolean configuration.
5f1796300e ICT-9599: Parse more string and integer options.
595c909644 ICT-9599: Initial version of command line argument parser which only accepts stream name.
121f4ea25a ICT-9599: Added one comment about BulkData C++ implementation.
b565008b13 ICT-9599: Very first prototype of Java implementation of BulkDataNTGenSender that can send 10 bytes of data to BulkDataNTGenReceiver.
4d1bf097b2 ICT-9599: (1) SRC_ROOT was removed because it is supposed to be the src/ directory and setting SRC_ROOT=./ resulted in non-canonical form of relative file path. (2) -replace option was added to rtiddsgen to overwrite the existing generated Java files. (3) Added jBulkData_EXTRA_SRCS option to explicitly declare that jBulkData.jar depends on Java files that will be generated by rtiddsgen command.
ea42d076ee ICT-9599: Added _EXTRA_SRCS options for Java packaging so that the files that are generated by a tool are correctly added to the dependency tree.
20c3b1924c ICT-9599: First use of Java API provided by RTI DDS.
8090beece3 Add nddsjava.jar to CLASSPATH.
37edbe2d6c ICT-9599: Include RTI DDS shared library for JNI.
58aa2eb8d1 ICT-9599: Skelton of bulkDataNTGenSender implementation in Java.
2cbfb1c2ea ICT-9599: Generate jBulkData.jar from the source files of BulkData Java implemnetation.
0b0d9c5774 ICT-9599: Include RTI DDS jar files.
b0d5aadc7a ICT-9599: Generate Java files from IDL for RTI DDS implementation.
efb03f66af Modified the buffer. It was too big
bcbd3ad4a7 Added new methods to get coredump and stacktrace in container daemon
c1dcd34ed9 ICT-14561: Change bulk-id strategy to not use temporary files in ACS
c494f02394 (origin/feature/ICT-16211) ICT-16211: Removing snakefood as it is not compatible with Python 3
1962c638fe (origin/feature/ICT-16247) ICT-16247: Updated xmlpybind test cases for PyXB 1.2.6 version
66f9f12475 ICT-16211: PyXB 1.1.3 is not compatible with Pythob 3, moving to 1.2.6
dcb0696808 ICT-16247: Updated PyXB version to 1.2.6
fae1539760 (origin/feature/ICT-16250) ICT-16250: Added support for dict iteration to AttributesImpl class in PyXML package
268ff9ef33 Added python methods to get core and stacks from containers
9e166dc66c Added psutil to dependencies
6a876f3d83 (origin/feature/ICT-16015) ICT-16015: Changes in enum requires std=c++11
c2ac393844 (origin/bugfix/ICT-16236) ICT-16236: Changed pyOpenSSL version to 18.0.0 to be compatible with newer RHEL versions
16be330148 ICT-16211: Updated the lists of requirements for Python 3
b8902dc851 (origin/feature/ICT-15647) ICT-15647: Added checks to the Pip install exit status in order to propagate errors
f82b314111 (origin/task/ICT-16002) ICT-16201: Fixed the tests for acssim module
cd7bb70094 (origin/bugfix/ICT-16200) ICT-16200: Fixed indentation of XmlObjectifier
dbe52ccc8b ICT-16177: Fixed 3 test cases of containerTests/contLogTest module's tests
8e1d2644d8 ICT-16198: Fixed monitoring/moncollect tests IDL modules clashing
f653815a56 (origin/bugfix/ICT-16193) ICT-16193: Aligning Java named loggers behavior to other languages Now when getting or setting named logger log levels, an exception is raised if the logger doesn't actually exists
865b60b35e ICT-16177: Added 'ignorestderr' flag to TCL exec command in containerTests/contLogTest module's tests
75cb0e5c91 ICT-16155: 'Manager hostname' entry was filtered out in containerTests/contNcTest module's tests
5791e2ebb4 ICT-16187: Fixed test case in ACSLaser/alarm-clients
ec92d9646d ICT-16184: Updated ACSLaser/laser-source-python test script to print safe-thread
ed89488ef3 ICT-16181: Removed one line in the reference file for acsutil module's tests
94dd87e243 ICT-16155: Updated reference files to newer container output in containerTests/contNcTest tests
6d232583df ICT-16181: acsutilBlock output expectations were changed for acsutil module's tests
d56c7b36ec ICT-16180: Filtering GC Java11 logs in acsalarm module's tests
459e039b60 ICT-16179: Fixed acslog tests to be compatible with new XML log format
e8e85f6fd9 ICT-16177: Fixed containerTests/contLogTest module's tests
6c4c119cf5 ICT-16115: Removed blank spaces no longer present in mastercomp's tests
b0f1b583c8 ICT-16112: Updated testFactory reference file in jacsalarmtest module's tests
9245da792f ICT-16174: TestList.grep was updated for acstestcompcpp module's tests
b3a5298212 ICT-16173: tmp dir is now created in Makefile of nsStatisticsService module's tests
909a5bf0e7 ICT-16172: Updated sed and grep files for jcontnc module's tests
2d1c80a4c4 ICT-16172: Updated sed and grep files for jcontnc module's tests
4de6282bf4 ICT-16165: Added filter for jcontexmpl tests
01949d837c (origin/bugfix/ICT-16166) ICT-16166: Cleaned script imports and removed redundant one in 'bin' directory
45ec1204fc ICT-16165: Fixed test anonymous elemnt from '_' to 'e'
318091673f ICT-16087: jlogEngine tests were fixed
9522678a32 ICT-16087: jlogEngine tests were fixed
e0fcefde12 ICT-16164: Fixed monitoring/monblobber tests for class-loader warning
8e6b1a54b2 ICT-16160: Removed extra line from reference file in ACSLaser/baciPropsTest
86cb473aea ICT-16163: Fixed tests for ACSLaser/managerTest
36eb3acfef ICT-16162: Fixed tests for ACSLaser/demo module
7d6d22f3f1 ICT-16161: Fixed tests for ACSLaser/alarmTests module
c4666b4f2b ICT-16160: Several reference files were changed for new logs in ACSLaser/baciPropsTest module's tests
e1fac672b3 ICT-16159: Updated filters for ACSLaser/alarm-clients module's tests
8081e66a0d ICT-16158: Updated reference files and filter for ACSLaser/acs-jms module's tests
71fade71c4 ICT-16157: Filter of Java11 log message for containerTests/contHandleTest module's tests
c970742063 ICT-16155: Updated log filters for containerTests/contNcTest module's tests
db43edae84 ICT-16154: Updated filter for ACSLaser/laser-core module's tests
ac024f5ce2 ICT-16153: Updated bulkData module's test to be compatible with current ACS version
f931f9d7ad ICT-16118: Updated cpp test reference file for acspyexmpl module's tests
b7ed2ba578 ICT-16115: Updated endorsed log filter in mastercomp module's tests
be0c5a9304 ICT-16151: Added filters to OpenJDK/Java11 logs in jbaci module's tests
4a5eb98d4f ICT-16112: Updated reference files to remove extra blank line in jacsalarmstest module's test
52e507dbe6 ICT-16148: Filtering test output for Java11 log messages in ACSLaser/containerTest module
600313beef ICT-16140: Java11 classloader warning was filtered for acsGUIs/acssampGUI module's tests
c1caf89f5a ICT-16139: Endorsed and classloader logs in Java11 were filtered for acsGUIs/cdbBrowser module's tests
383378928c ICT-16138: Added filter for Java11 classloader warning message to acsGUIs/errorBrowser modules' tests
a9338559d6 ICT-16137: Updated reference files of task module's tests according to current ACS
bf3e2d6bc2 ICT-16136: Fixed TestList.grep and reference files for jmanager tests
845a1af4f6 ICT-16120: A filter for Java 11 classloader log was added to acscommandcenter module's tests
71556164bc ICT-16119: Updating filter for Java11 logs in nctest module's tests
89fa64b32f ICT-16118: Several changes to acspyexmpl tests to make them pass
a250fa978f ICT-16115: Fixed mastercomp module's tests by filtering OpenJDK and Java11 logs
16043e3030 ICT-16114: Updated acssamp module's tests reference files to be up to date
dcee8a3ba7 ICT-16113: Added filter for Java11 classloader log in monitoring/moncontroller module's tests
ed2f139aec ICT-16112: Added filter for OpenJDK logs in jacsalarmtest module
85374bd454 ICT-16111: Grep of GC logs for jcont module tests
812ecba55d ICT-16110: Added grep line in comphelpgen module's tests to filter java 11 classloader warning
fadaefede1 ICT-16109: Updating reference files for KeepAlive log in acspy module
1373e82f7c ICT-16103: Added a grep line to the acsExtras/acsXmlFileStore module's tests
b741ef74ea ICT-16102: Added grep to acsGUIs/jlog module's tests due to new Java11 warning message
7188a10fef ICT-16033: Additional changes in print messages of acsstartup to be consistent with previous behavior
5f688aabc6 ICT-16033: acsstartup changes in scripts for proper output
ce8b95d988 ICT-16089: acspycommon tests are now passing. Swig parameters are now more strict so changes to specific types were done in the scripts
b4b63625ed ICT-16087: jlogEngine tests passing after adding a grep for new log
de377a1e02 ICT-16088: acsContainerServices tests modified to prevent CORBA::release to release non-CORBA references
ee036ff22b ICT-16082: Updated reference files and fixed the tests of cdb_rdb
d85db09cec (origin/bugfix/ICT-16079) ICT-16079: Added constness to event variable to be consistent with CORBA::Any variable constness
e28e6b238a ICT-16031: Fixing reference files and unicode type to StringIO constructor
2c4797bcf3 ICT-16077: Grep of compilation warning
80cfe9b8a3 ICT-16027: Updated grep, sed and reference file to hide some numbers that may change depending on machine parameters
3a17100d71 ICT-16026: Added __future__ print to test in acsutilpy
af38d772e9 ICT-16002: Added specific grep for TAT tests in ACS/LGPL/Kit/acs module
7e3c9121c8 ICT-16056: Fixed repeatGuard tests
0b61f4d7bb ICT-16055: Fixed loggingtsTypes tests
bfb3d7409d ICT-16054: Fixed loggingts tests
8ae736b67e ICT-16053: Fixed jacsutil2 tests
9924c50c49 ICT-16045: Added 'Infinity' to the numbers to be "sed" into X
a961d1f5f1 ICT-16045: Fixed acsjlog tests
7fdaa1bfdb ICT-16052: acserr module tests fixed
36ca01b00c ICT-16051: Updated cdbChecker tests
7e827eff2f ICT-16050: The cdb tests were fixed
bddef65af7 ICT-16033: acsstartup module's test were fixed
72f263f63b (origin/bugfix/ICT-16032) ICT-16032: Adding default values for modpath and destdir arguments
80883639f9 ICT-16033: acssstartup Warning is being grepped from tests output
6d496716cc ICT-16002: Updated acsStartJava to support external jarpaths + ACS Classloader
2604f33088 ICT-16031: Added a new line in reference file and replace PYTHON_ROOT for 'python-config --prefix'
b15fa3e72f ICT-16030: Small changes to fix jacsutil tests
17b7a81375 ICT-16028: Updated Tools/xercesj reference file to change anonymous elements from '_' to 'e'
f75f31266e ICT-16027: Updated reference fie for Tools/hibernate module's tests
1a199a2827 ICT-16002: cppunit tests reference file had a special character in some of the lines. Simply copied the actual output of a run for those lines.
1784f3a77f ICT-16026: Fixing Kit/acsuitlpy tests due to Python 2/3 incompatibilities
283ec2cb95 ICT-16002: Fixed tests for ACS/LGPL/Kit/acs module
295ec83ab8 ICT-16002: Added baci namespace to calls to CharacteristicComponent, SmartPointer and RO/RW BACI types
30ec2a9d0e ICT-16002: Adding missing IDL files for tests of nctest module
5b6940f117 ICT-16002: Workaround for xi:include xpointer limitation in Components.xml
1d9a7ec665 ICT-16002: Removed getCount call from LoggingConfig in acsjlog tests
f292cba6ec ICT-16015: Added two patches for string_literals ambiguity and no-narrowing errors to Mico
08c4d53a6c ICT-15989: Updated ACS version to ACS-2020FEB

git log --no-merges --oneline origin/master..origin/integration/COMMON-2019FEB -- ARCHIVE

git log --no-merges --oneline origin/master..origin/integration/COMMON-2019FEB -- ICD
00de75702b ICT-7905 make wvlookup match between the two versions of the ASC
a9e24721e8 Fix unit test and remove debugging line
6e71f72c9a ICT-7905 Add a method to retrieve matching receiver bands for name
db8fa080f2 ICT-7905 Add concept of Receiver band to sensitivity calculations in core
14d3430016 ICT-7905 Set correct receiver temperatures and overlap for Band 5

System Requirements

The officially supported OS is the 64 bit version of "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo)". The binary distribution of ACS (tarball) is made for this OS. We also successfully use its clone "CentOS 7.6".

For all machines the expected kernel is 3.10

The expected and actual versions of compilers, ORBs and various RPMs can be found by running the command =acsConfigReport=, both for required RPMs and for software shipped together with ACS. To get a rough overview before installing ACS, here are the most basic ones:

  • gcc: 4.8.5 RHEL 7.6
  • java: openjdk-11.0.4
  • python: 2.7.16 and 3.6.9
  • ACE: 6.4.3
  • TAO: 2.4.3
  • mico: 2.3.13
  • JacORB: 3.9
  • omniorb: 4.2.3

There is a new requirement needed for python 3:

  • libffi
  • libffi-devel


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