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ALMA Software Workshop 2013


Global Planning and Agenda

Day 1 (Monday)

TimeActivityGuiding instructor
9:30-9:55Welcome. Workshop introduction. Who is who.all
10:00-10:55ALMA Software Big PictureRafael Hiriart
11:00-11:10Coffee break

11:15-11:40General overview of ACSJorge Avarias
11:45-12:25A Trip through ACS FunctionalityJorge Avarias
12:30-13:25Lunch break (NM Tech Canteen)

13:30-13:55Course welcome: Project definition and group assignments.Matias Mora
14:00-14:25Group exercises: Basic ACS environment and functionalities.all
14:30-14:40Coffee break

14:45-15:10Project life-cycle and software engineering basicsMatias Mora
15:15-16:10Group exercises: modroot and inroot creation / compiling and installing project / archiving module skeletonall
16:15-16:25Distributed software deploymentsMatias Mora
16:30-17:25Group exercises: Inspecting example components and CDB / Set up test CDB with a simulated componentall
17:30End of day

Day 2 (Tuesday)

TimeActivityGuiding instructor
9:30-10:25Component IDL simulationRafael Hiriart
10:30-10:55Test driven development and automatic Unit testingJorge Avarias
11:00-11:10Coffee break

11:15-12:25Group exercises: Tests development and setup (against simulated components)all
12:30-13:25Lunch break (NM Tech Canteen)

13:30-14:25Component implementation guidelines (language specific)Jorge Avarias / Matias Mora
14:30-15:25Group exercises: Empty component implementation / Pass test case with real componentall
15:30-15:40Coffee break

15:45-16:40BACI Properties and DevIOsRafael Hiriart
16:45-17:25Group exercises: Start component functionality developmentall
17:30End of day

Day 3 (Wednesday)

TimeActivityGuiding instructor
9:30-9:55Developing and debugging ALMA SoftwareRafael Hiriart
10:00-10:55Group exercises: Component functionality developmentall
11:00-11:10Coffee break

11:15-11:40Logging and Error SystemJorge Avarias
11:45-12:25Group exercises: Component functionality development / Adding logging and error handlingall
12:30-13:25Lunch break (NM Tech Canteen)

13:30-14:55Group exercises: Finishing the component development / comply tests cases / start integrationall
15:00-15:10Coffee break

15:15-16:55Group exercises: Project integration and testingall
17:00-17:25Round table: Final discussion and conclusionsall
17:30End of day

Hands-on course


Course instructors:

RafaelHiriartNRAO (Socorro)ALMA
JorgeAvariasNRAO (Socorro)ALMA
MatiasMoraNRAO (C'ville)ALMA / ALMA Phasing Project

Course attendees:

RachelRosenNRAO (C'ville)ALMA
PatrickBrandtNRAO (Socorro)ALMA
GeoffreyCrewMIT Haystack (Westford)ALMA Phasing Project
HelgeRottmannMPIfR (Bonn)ALMA Phasing Project

-- MatiasMora - 2013-08-14