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ALMA Software Workshop 2013


This ALMA Software Workshop is being held for Software Engineers from various institutions, and is based on previous experiences since 2004 (see ACS Workshop 2010). It consists of a technical hands-on course using the ACS (ALMA Common Software) framework, alternated with short technical talks and discussions. This site contains all relevant information for the course organizers and participants.

Dates: September 9th to 11th, 2013.

Location: NRAO Array Operations Center, Socorro NM (
Conference Room #220

Global Planning and Agenda

Day 1 (Monday)

TimeActivityGuiding instructor
9:30-9:55Welcome. Workshop introduction. Who is who.all
10:00-10:55ALMA Software Big PictureRafael Hiriart
11:00-11:10Coffee break
11:15-11:40General overview of ACSJorge Avarias
11:45-12:25A Trip through ACS FunctionalityJorge Avarias
12:30-13:25Lunch break (NM Tech Canteen)
13:30-13:55Course welcome: Project definition and group assignments.Matias Mora
14:00-14:25Group exercises: Basic ACS environment and functionalities.all
14:30-14:40Coffee break
14:45-15:10Project life-cycle and software engineering basicsMatias Mora
15:15-16:10Group exercises: modroot and inroot creation / compiling and installing project / archiving module skeletonall
16:15-16:25Distributed software deploymentsMatias Mora
16:30-17:25Group exercises: Inspecting example components and CDB / Set up test CDB with a simulated componentall
17:30End of day

Day 2 (Tuesday)

TimeActivityGuiding instructor
9:30-10:25Component IDL simulationRafael Hiriart
10:30-10:55Test driven development and automatic Unit testingJorge Avarias
11:00-11:10Coffee break
11:15-12:25Group exercises: Tests development and setup (against simulated components)all
12:30-13:25Lunch break (NM Tech Canteen)
13:30-14:25Component implementation guidelines (language specific)Jorge Avarias / Matias Mora
14:30-15:25Group exercises: Empty component implementation / Pass test case with real componentall
15:30-15:40Coffee break
15:45-16:40BACI Properties and DevIOsRafael Hiriart
16:45-17:25Group exercises: Start component functionality developmentall
17:30End of day

Day 3 (Wednesday)

TimeActivityGuiding instructor
9:30-9:55Developing and debugging ALMA SoftwareRafael Hiriart
10:00-10:55Group exercises: Component functionality developmentall
11:00-11:10Coffee break
11:15-11:40Logging and Error SystemJorge Avarias
11:45-12:25Group exercises: Component functionality development / Adding logging and error handlingall
12:30-13:25Lunch break (NM Tech Canteen)
13:30-14:55Group exercises: Finishing the component development / comply tests cases / start integrationall
15:00-15:10Coffee break
15:15-16:55Group exercises: Project integration and testingall
17:00-17:25Round table: Final discussion and conclusionsall
17:30End of day

Hands-on course


Course instructors:

RafaelHiriartNRAO (Socorro)ALMA
JorgeAvariasNRAO (Socorro)ALMA
MatiasMoraNRAO (C'ville)ALMA / ALMA Phasing Project

Course attendees:

RachelRosenNRAO (C'ville)ALMA
PatrickBrandtNRAO (Socorro)ALMA
GeoffreyCrewMIT Haystack (Westford)ALMA Phasing Project
HelgeRottmannMPIfR (Bonn)ALMA Phasing Project

-- MatiasMora - 2013-08-14