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  • Good experience 5 days most of ACS architecture was reviewed
  • They feel they can rely on ACS framework
  • Hello everyone, sorry for not replying during the round table. I wanna thank all instructors and speakers for managing to organize this really interesting workshop. These have been my first steps with the ACS framework but after 5 days I can say I already learnt enough about it. I think that the documentation on the website is well done and that it will be useful in the future too, along with the recordings. I also found interesting the projects presentations (CTA, LLAMA, UFRO). And of course I liked a lot the project we tried to develop and I enjoyed collaborating with my group mates. Thanks again!


  • Impressed by the organization considering the large number of participants
  • Professional, responsive and good material
  • Diverse level of experience between participants and members of each group
  • Some people even wants to re-do the components on their own


  • Engineering department from ALMA, who has a good system overview, but lacked detailed information on ACS
  • Usually closer to the instruments and hardware, so now there's a better picture having a bit of knowledge on the software
  • More direct approach rather than abstract, due to their nature, but happy to see where hardware and software finally meet
  • Liked the presentations and topics, and also the other projects presentations (CTA, LLAMA and UFRO)
  • Maybe use old workshop repositories to use as material for future workshops


  • In this case it was small group, but everything worked correctly
  • It was super fun and thanks to all the group


  • Good experience, where we were able to learn many things
  • Good workshop management, tools collaboration and all the work
  • The group sessions were very good to have information about the issues and problems that were found
  • Right format of the workshop
  • No comments, but a lot of thanks


  • No one present


  • Thanks for organizing workshop
  • Being a newcomer to ACS the biggest challenge was to get the initial setup correct (INTROOT, awv repo and components, CDB). The follow along sessions were a great help with that


  • Very well organized, although a slow start which seemed to be lack of organization, but then it all came together to feel well organized
  • A lot of background and examples to know how to do in an actual implementation
  • Following along practical sessions was really useful
  • No ACS knowledge at the beginning and now I'm able to prepare a small distributed program, so it's a good result


  • Thanks for the workshop
  • I knew nothing, but I learnt a lot, both from the organization, but also from my own group
  • The workshop was very useful, relatively lack of knowledge in ACS, but some CORBA background, now have the basics and the material to go back when doing actual implementations


  • Thanks the people that participated in the organization and execution of the workshop
  • Wasn't frustrating and got to learn a lot. Received help from a lot of people in the workshop and the partners, so grateful about the experience
  • Technical aspects:
    • Discover the power of IDL and how to use it (Both definition and documentation)
    • INTROOT output directory, but generated files, headers and other things available
    • Order of compilation and execution
    • Working environment for everyone
    • Anecdotes also put in from time to time
  • Visual studio code was new, but was very useful and practical
  • Very fun to work on this kind of thing and got to learn a lot on the way
  • Practical sessions and telescope moving experience


  • First time in ACS workshop, although already knew a little about ACS
    • I still learned a lot and I found it very useful
    • Cleared lots of doubts during the workshop, but there's still plenty to figure out!
    • Thanks to the organization and to my group
  • First time with ACS, starting to work in LLAMA and this is very useful to start working with ACS
  • Doubts about the deployment process for production environments


  • Partially worked with group even though prt of the advanced track, but took the time to make some other questions 
  • Thanks to the organization and found very nice the participation in this workshop
  • I want thank everyone, but specially thank t he idea of making ACS a community product and for the organization of the workshop and all institutions that are involved
  • Virtual version brought more people to the table
  • Documentation was very good and everything was in time
  • Complain with visual studio code as they lost a lot of time to configure it and then didn't know how to take advantage of it

Advanced Track Comments

  • Torsten
    • Very interesting
    • Using ACS for quite some time, but not too many practical work these days
    • Helped to remember lots of interesting stuff
    • Hints in how to work better together in the future and how to organize the community together
    • Successful workshop, so be proud
    • Good remotely experience, which was forced by the pandemic, but there are benefits of doing it even in normal conditions


  • Igor
    • Grateful for picking up the suggestion to organize the workshop
    • Quite impressed on the short notice and quick organization
    • Quite happy about the number of participants in the workshop
    • A lot of homework from advanced track
    • We have to all make small steps and efforts to work as a community into improving everything
    • We have get acquaintances with each other, so there's better trust to ask things to each other and improve communication in general
  • Jorge S.
    • Thanks for all the participants to come and please ask any question in the future!
  • Mario
    • All the people motivated!
    • Congratulate on the achievements of all the groups
    • Discussions in the advanced track for the future of ACS were very interesting
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